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Brands launching in Vietnam or USA…require a deep understanding of local cultures & a good brand team to grow. Here comes the challenges:

Setting up Brand Team is not easy!

Outsource or In-house Marketing activities? In-house Marketing may look like a safe/must option, but there are some reasons why your Marketing Team may not easy to build.

1. Good Marketer is hard to find

This happen in both Hanoi & Saigon, top Marketers is rare, to hire the right one who can work well with the team

2. Big Marketing budget

Without good budget, the scope of Marketing could be limited, hence it is harder to build the in-house Marketing team.

3. Managerial system

Want to attract talented Marketer? You should build your management system to support Marketing Lead, otherwise the turnover rate of Marketing department will be high

Outsource to Agency is tricky!?

Usually agency in Vietnam can do good in Creative, Strategy or Campaign execution, separately. However, It is hard to find a full service agency that can ACTUALLY to both.

Global or Local agency? 

Global agency is expensive, local agency is tactical, Markus agency combine the best of both worlds.

Since 2016, we has developed our services centered around "Brand"

We serve as Brand Team, we run Digital Campaign with a branding mindset, not just performance and tactical content.

Markus Agency has attracted creative people from top global agencies .

We share the same vision, to build top agency in Hanoi, provide full Marketing services, to make impact directly to businesses.Our people comes from Dentsu, Wunderman Thompson, Wave Maker…travelling all the way from SaiGon to Hanoi.

Our team are capable of doing Research, Brand Planning, Creative, Campaign management, Production & Media buying, Product & Pricing, Visual Merchandising, Distribution. We manage full-year Marketing activities, from Strategy to Implementation, both Brand Positioning, Creative & Production.

Markus Agency brings you 5 unique services

1. Acting as Brand Team

Building an In-house Brand team with strong capacity from scratch takes time with trials and errors, while business opportunity can’t wait. We provide Acting as Brand team service as a solution. Markus team with in-house point of view and knowledge would help you to build up solid foundation for your Brand team.

Build the brand

- Marketing objective
- 4C research, STP
- Master plan/Roadmap
- Implementation, Control & Evaluation

Work with distributor

- Marketing activities planning, implementation, control & evaluation
- Promotion scheme

Manage creative agency

- Briefing
- Work with creative agency on campaign planning, implementation, control & evaluation.

Set-up in-house team

- Team structure
- Job description, core competency
- Team recruitment
- Career roadmap
- Core team training
- Working process

2. Digital Branding

Digitalization changes the way people interact with brands. Digital marketing is not about tools. It’s about doing marketing in a new environment.

Build brand positioning

Brand is everything customers think about a product: We develop a strong brand positioning by focusing on these three core elements: Functional & Emotional Benefit and Meaningful Brand.

Creative direction

Any brand deserves exceptional story to tell. It’s our job to do the WHAT and HOW.

Content production

Remember the last time bad dessert screwed up it all? We are here to make sure everything is “fit” from strategy to every single content published.

KOLs & Media management

Right people with right message is good. Right PLACE (Channel) & Right TIME could take you to the moon, seriously.

3. Product & Pricing

New product brings the new breeze to the business. Invest your time, effort, money on it, but do it with care & professional way with Markus.

IDI Research

In-depth interview to define customer portrait (demography, insight, behavior) and unmet need.

Product Concept Testing

- Building product concept from scratch: Functional & Emotional Benefit.
- Involving & supervising the production process
- Consulting in Packaging Design & Production

Value-based Pricing

Product Market Fit

4. Visual Merchandising

All types of retail stores can benefit from visual merchandising. We combine marketing principles, retail merchandising knowledge, and creativity to optimize VM of store to attract more customer to retail store and maximize sales result.

Strategic Direction

Strategic direction of VM to achieve the ultimate purpose: to attract customer attention and generate more sales.

VM Concept Development 

To develop concept in-line with brand image, creating a seamless and pleasurable shopping experience for customer.
- Always-on concept
- Campaign concept
- Seasonal concept

VM Training 

VM training for VM inhouse team, store manager, store supervisor to ensure VM implementation following guideline.

VM Setup

VM consulting & setup by store, campaign, season.

5. Distribution Development

There is no good product at all if it could not reached to customer by the right distribution channel. It’s the long way run for serious business that lasts for years, not months.

Select Retailer & Distributor

- Retailer, distribution scouting & selection that help to achieve Business Objective and Brand Strategy.
- Pitch to distributor

Work with distributor

- Marketing activities planning, implementation, control & evaluation
- Promotion scheme

Trading Terms

Trading term negotiation with retailer & distributor securing profitable growth.

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