From 2016, we have been developing our services centered around the "Brand". We see ourselves as a Brand Team, we run Digital Campaigns with a branding mindset, on top of performance and tactical content.

With us, Global brands can successfully build their positioning to meet the local culture’s needs & demands.Local firms can enhance their brands’ image by providing high-quality, creative content.Local SMEs can have good Marketing campaigns within tight budgets.

Acting as Brand Team

  • Build the brand

(Marketing objective, 4C research, STP, Master plan/Roadmap, Implementation, Control & Evaluation)

  • Set-up in-house team
  • Manage creative agency
  • Work with distributor

Digital Branding

  • Build brand positioning
  • Creative direction
  • Content production
  • KOLs & Media management

Product & Pricing

  • IDI Research
  • Product Concept Testing
  • Value-based Pricing
  • Product Market Fit

Visual Merchandising

  • VM Strategic Direction
  • VM Concept Development
  • VM Training for in-house team
  • VM Setup

Distribution Development

  • Select Retailer & Distributor
  • Distribution Policy
  • Trading Terms
Why us anyway?

Do what others can't!

Strong in Brand - Trade - Sale alignment.Unique experiences in both planning & execution.Combine the best of both worlds: client & agency.We have been partnering with Global Agencies in Vietnam.


    Senior Account Executive Wanted!

    Markus Executor wanted!

    Next level,seriously.

    We go above and beyond everyone’s expectations when you flawlessly complete a task that’s even outside the scope of your work & expertise. At Markus, this is what we strive to achieve - Are you willing to be our extraordinary executor?